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Chapati A Chapati is very simple to make, and is a great compliment to any traditional Indian main curry dish. Directions Place the Wheat Flour in a large… Read More »

Pilau Rice

Pilau Rice

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Pilau Rice Pilau Rice is an excellent side dish to compliment any Indian curry dish. Directions Wash the Rice 3 or 4 times. Soak the Rice in a… Read More »

Fish Masala (Salmon)

Fish Masala

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Fish Masala The traditional Fish Masala dish is a beautiful tasting Indian curry which is very enjoyable with a Chapati or Naan. Directions Wash the fish and pat… Read More »

Lamb Handi (lamb on the bone)

Lamb Handi

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Lamb Handi Lamb Handi is a traditional Asian dish with a spicy flavour. Despite its delicious taste, this authentic recipe is simple to make, and far less time… Read More »